Process technology

Make every class better than the last

This the way to let students learn about a complete process in an interactive way. Students can experience production processes or explore and analyze parts of them, both at home and at school.

What can you do with MetaChef's 3DProduct technology

Metachefs product technology offers students and employees the opportunity to experience production processes in a virtual 3D and VR environment. With our smart solutions, users can prepare for practice without actually having to be physically present in a factory. It helps them understand complex processes faster and better, which contributes to their learning and development experience.


Maximum involvement

Everywhere & anytime

Why start with 3D and VR in education?

A contemporary learning experience based on a visual and interactive approach

Create maximum involvement with the student

Specifically suited to the way young students prefer to learn

Smart and affordable solution

A clear and transparent licensing model for the use of the products

Want to try it immediately?


View the results achieved by applying VR and AR below!