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About HAN

The study Food and Business at HAN, with more than 800 students, is one of the largest HBO food courses in the Netherlands. During the course, students learn everything about designing and marketing new, responsible and healthy products. Everything in the field of Nutrition & Health, Quality & Production and Commerce & Innovative business is central.


During their studies, Food & Business students must learn everything about what is going on in various food chains, from start to finish. Due to strict access requirements that production companies impose on company visits, it is becoming increasingly difficult to allow students to experience the practice. When the opportunity to visit is available, students are unable to properly view specific and important parts of the process.

“This 3D application is real game changer and allows our students to virtually experience and understand factory processes in a way that was previously impossible.”

Rik Schildkamp, lecturer at HAN

Our solution

During a workshop on interactive education, we advised HAN to opt for the interactive cheese process from our range. This tailor-made virtual environment allows students to experience the cheese production process in real-life. MetaChef's advanced technology offers HAN a unique and interactive learning experience, giving students an up-close view of how production processes work.

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