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Combine your products with 3D for a unique customer experience

Improve your sales and marketing process: more attention, more sales, and less costs

Enhance your product story in a unique and interactive way, all created and presented in 3D. Providing a unique customer experience, enabling a faster and error-free sales and production process

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One image, thousands of possibilities

In the world of e-commerce, where the pressure for fast content delivery and cost optimization is high, Metachef's 3D solutions introduce an innovative approach. These advanced solutions provide a quick and efficient response to the need for high-quality promotions, packshots, hero images, product variants, and stills.

An interactive approach not only strengthens your product presentation but also adds extra impact to your brand during sales conversations.

Optimize your shelf and category management with advanced 3D technology for maximum impact during conversations with retailers. Step into the future with a virtual supermarket experience, a unique brand immersion that goes beyond traditional marketing approaches.

Presenting or loading products into your PIM system, even before they are in production, is now effortlessly resolved with a 3D configurator.

More than 5,000 product in 3D

The most comprehensive collection of 3D models produced in-house. Available directly from the MetaChef platform!


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