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About VanDrie

The VanDrie Group is a Dutch family business with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany. The company is the world market leader in veal, calf feed and calfskins. VanDrie Group is a chain producer and therefore unique in the world.


In the world of international communications surrounding veal, VanDrie encountered challenges regarding the different names and parts of their product. How can we avoid these misunderstandings while providing deeper understanding to our customers worldwide?

“Our ambition is to strengthen our market position and improve the reputation of our delicious veal products worldwide.”

Korstiaan Mulderij, director of the veal promotion foundation

Our solution

We have made a 3D model of all the calf parts that VanDrie Group sells. Subsequently, the old photos in the cut book were replaced by the dynamic and complete 3D images.

VanDrie Group’s customers can now quickly and easily visit the digital cut book – the Vealcuts App – and have better insight into the VanDrie Group assortment. Each piece of meat can be turned and viewed from all sides. Additional information can even be linked to the model, such as recipes and videos.
In addition, each cut has a name and a code. The code in particular helps to prevent miscommunication about the specific cuts of meat during contact with customers.

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