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About Bejo

Bejo is a leader in breeding, production and sales of vegetable seeds with branches in more than 30 countries. An international family business with 2,200 dedicated employees who work on vegetable varieties of today and the future.


Bejo, the specialist in vegetable seeds, wanted to present its unique collection of seeds and variety range to new customers and relations in a more dynamic and interactive way.

β€œThis digital leap allows students to participate in hands-on lessons anytime, anywhere, significantly enhancing the learning experience.

Sourced from the 2022 Annual Plan of SVO

Our solution

We have scanned and modeled a selection of the unique carrot varieties that Bejo sells as seed during the harvest season into 3D models. These digital twins are then bundled into an animation. Thanks to this application, the unique varieties are presented more attractively and they can use the 3D models in different ways.

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