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About Oliehoorn

Oliehoorn, founded in 1981, is a Dutch family business known for its delicious sauces. From chip sauce to curry, mayonnaise and ketchup, Oliehoorn has been bringing flavor to dining moments for decades.


Oliehoorn faced the challenge of managing the footage, including pack shots, in a more effective way. In addition, customer demand for specific pack shots, including HERO images, secondary images and even 3D models, grew. Oliehoorn came to us with this challenge.

β€œThis digital 3D approach ensures that we have the visuals ready before the real product even exists.”

Mercedes Bos, Marketing Manager at Oliehoorn

Our solution

With the Content Creator, Oliehoorn uses smart 3D technology to efficiently produce pack shots in any style and for any output. In addition to making pack shots, the models are also used in 3D displayed on the website, improving the online viewing experience.

This innovative approach offers significant benefits, including cost savings and improved customer engagement. By using 3D technology, physical prototypes can be eliminated, resulting in lower material costs and less waste. Additionally, the efficiency of digital manufacturing speeds up the design process, reducing time-to-market and reducing overhead costs.

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