Van der Meulen digitizes the creation of visual content


on external photography costs


to the market


by being able to quickly adjust artwork

About Van der Meulen

For four generations, the Frisian bakery family Van der Meulen has dedicated themselves with heart and soul to one goal: making masterfully delicious bakery products. Van der Meulen is known for their passion for the profession and their dedication to producing the tastiest rusks, Melba Toast and rye bread. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, they continue to get up early every day to provide the Netherlands with delicious products that they are proud of.


Van der Meulen came to Metachef with the challenge of optimizing their marketing processes. They were looking for a solution for fast and efficient creation of marketing material, central storage of content, improvement of brand consistency and flexible distribution options to various channels and retailers.

“Moving to digital packshot creation gives us the flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of retailers.”

Hielke van der Tuin, Product developer at Van der Meulen

Our solution

Metachef has implemented a centralized digital 3D platform for Van der Meulen, revolutionizing how Van der Meulen creates and distributes marketing content.

This platform enables Van der Meulen to create efficient marketing material thanks to integrated tools, allowing them to quickly respond to market trends. Storing all marketing content in one central location promotes collaboration within the marketing team and prevents file fragmentation. This allows them to ensure consistency in their brand presentation, which contributes to a professional appearance and strengthening the brand identity.

Furthermore, the platform offers flexible distribution options, allowing Van der Meulen to easily distribute their marketing content to different channels and retailers, resulting in a broad and consistent presence across various platforms.

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