Develop and configure your product in real time

With the web-based product configurator you can combine your own products, packaging and artwork. Easily assemble new products and view them in 3D. Ideal for presentations during product development, customers and suitable for web.

What can you do with MetaChef's Configurator

The Metachef 3D configurator allows a sales representative to create and present different product configurations in an interactive way. An advanced tool that allows you to step-by-step create all possible end product combinations together with the customer. The result is always a high definition product that can be viewed in both 3D and AR.

Real-time configuration

High Definition

Affordable & efficient

Why start with the configurator?

Effortlessly present real-time product and packaging combinations to your customers and improve their experience with MetaChef's Webbased 3D Configurator.

Save time and money by eliminating the need for physical mock-ups.

Significantly reduce development time with real-time simulations.

Shorten the time-to-market of your products.

Create unlimited real-time configurations.

Immediately clear image of the product, both internally and for the customer

Easily share via URL for integration with websites and web shops

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View the results achieved by applying VR and AR below!