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About SELO

Selo, a company located in Hengelo, builds advanced food-processing machines. The company was founded in 1944 and has developed over the years into an innovative global player in the food industry.


Selo mostly produces large-scale installations for processing food and pet food. Because such installations are significantly large, presenting them is difficult (for example, at a trade fair or during a sales conversation). Selo contacted MetaChef to find a solution to this challenge.

“Thanks to 3D technology, we can communicate with our customers in a different way, making our presentation even more powerful and almost tangible.”

Willibrord Woertman, managing director at Selo

Our solution

We started by modelling a mayonnaise production line. This proved to be an immediate success, so other processing machines followed. These 3D models make it a lot easier for Selo's sales department to show the machines, or even a specific part thereof, to a (potential) customer. The 3D presentations on a tablet, for example, help Selo explain the story better.

And the sales employees aren’t the only ones happy with it; the 3D machines can also be seen on Selo's website. All visitors of the website can now view the machines from all sides and receive information about a part of the process or about the machine as soon as they click on a number.

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