Virtual reality and 3D images of MetaChef in SVH learning tools

MetaChef and SVH are going to collaborate in the expansion of SVH's learning materials. By the use of interactive and lifelike 3D models in the digital learning materials, learning is made even more attractive for pupils and students. Moreover, teachers can support and share their lessons even better with interactive images.

In doing so, SVH is responding to the rapidly changing mode of education. "During the lockdowns we saw how digital education has taken off. Now that an increasing number of schools are using it, this teaching material must, just as with books, be adapted to the requirements and wishes. SVH sees it as its task to take the wishes of both the education sector and the industry into account when developing teaching materials," says Ricardo Eshuis, SVH director.

SVH Hospitality talent 
VMBO and MBO schools that use the online learning platform SVH Horecatalent can use the 3D models in the categories meat and fish products, vegetables, fruit, bread and cheese starting from the new school year. "Because a 3D model is very visual, it is easy to show how certain products are put together. Within SVH Horecatalent we have the opportunity to integrate very cool 3D models, which make products and preparation techniques even more realistic: you can almost touch it. Besides the fact that it's just really cool and fun, it also contributes to the learning efficiency. At the same time, teachers can use the 3D models in class to explain theory," says Eshuis.

In the coming months, the 3D models will be integrated into the online license for vmbo HBR (Hospitality, Bakery and Recreation) and into the MBO licenses for Kitchen, Catering and Manager Entrepreneurship Horeca.

Digital transition 
Robbert Oude Luttikhuis leads MetaChef, an international publisher of unique interactive 3D imagery for the food industry and education. Through the collaboration with SVH, he hopes to take training courses even further in the digital transition. Oude Luttikhuis: "This is about the next phase of digital and interactive educational material that will ensure an enormous quality improvement in hospitality education."

We also see this transition within the Lifelong Development. Employees want to continue to grow: with the help of short modules, this can be achieved even better and efficiently with 3D.

AR and VR 
The next step in the collaboration between SVH and MetaChef is to offer AR and VR applications. The abbreviation AR stands for augmented reality, which means "adding" to reality. Thus, through a smartphone, tablet or special glasses, you get to see virtual objects in your environment as if they were really there. "A great example is practicing covering place settings via augmented reality. In this way, theory and practice can be combined even better. This is location-independent, more efficient and therefore less costly," says Oude Luttikhuis.