Advisory Board for MetaChef Education

MetaChef is setting up an advisory board for its Education business unit. The council was established on 1 January 2022 and consists of a select group of experts from the field of agri, food & technology. 

Drs. Anneke Bergsma – Management Consultant Rijnconsult

Helma Hoving MBA – Studio Business Creation, Innovation, Tech and Lifelong Learning

Dr.Ir. Kees de Gooijer – Director TKI Agri & Food and Biobased Economy

Dr. Guido Camps – Researcher Wageningen University

MetaChef Education believes it is important that young talents, teachers & trainers are able to work with innovative and fascinating educational material again and again – educational material that contributes to lifelong development and practical learning. Moreover, the content of this teaching material is available anytime & anywhere and it’s relevant & affordable for everyone. MetaChef Education therefore finds it essential that principles are tested by an Advisory Board from the professional field. 

Over the past two years, a large collection of 3D (digital) educational material has been developed, especially aimed at nutrition & technology. The 3D teaching material is high-quality, realistic and easy to integrate into existing curricula. This means that students can use 3D content faster, at a time that’s right for them, and in large groups. This unique and high-quality digital imagery can even replace physical fresh products during education and training at certain times.

“The educational materials also give an extra dimension to the collaboration between education and business; that proves that we made the right choice two years ago”, according to Robbert Oude Luttikhuis, one of the founders of MetaChef. 

In the course of 2022, a large number of modules of MetaChef Education will be made available to approximately 35,000 students from the agri & food educational field in the Netherlands (more than 200,000 new students start their vocational training in the agri, food & technology educational field each year). In addition to the Netherlands, the range of MetaChef Education also offers many opportunities for the international education market.

About MetaChef Education

MetaChef Education is a business unit of MetaChef, a fast-growing publisher of 3D digital learning resources for agri & food. The applications for 3D educational material are endless and can be used on various devices, including tablets, desktop as well as for AR and VR concepts. The products are offered as a SaaS service in the food industry, education and retail. With the solutions, (online) retailers, food brands, food manufacturers and educators can participate in the digital transition.