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Digital Chef changes name to MetaChef

As of 1 January 2022, Digital Chef has changed its name to MetaChef BV. With this, the company wants to make it even clearer what its work is about and what it can do for its customers. 

Over the past two years, a large collection of 3D (digital) content has been developed and delivered to Dutch and foreign customers in food, technology and education. The content is high-quality, realistic and can be easily integrated on various devices and applied within the latest generation of web, mobile, VR and AR applications.

Developments are going even faster than the company thought possible when the previously named Digital Chef came up with the first ideas in the field of 3D digital food in 2018. MetaChef believes it is essential that the food industry actively grow along with this evolution of the digital 3D world, in which everything is becoming more virtual and spatial.

About MetaChef

MetaChef is an international publisher of interactive 3D images for use on web, mobile and AR/VR devices. With a lot of expertise in the world of food, agri & tech, it is the specialist for the food industry, retail & food service and education. MetaChef consists of a team of 3D artists, programmers, designers and food specialists.