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Van Drie launches cut book entirely in 3D

Van Drie is taking a big step towards the future with the help of 3D.

The Van Drie Group is the first to present a cuts book completely in 3D. A cuts book is mainly used to record the correct descriptions and names for the same piece of meat. By completely converting the meat parts into 3D, it is now possible as a user to view a piece of meat completely (from all sides). 

Korstiaan Mulderij (Managing Director Veal Promotion Foundation) believes that users should receive the right support. The cuts book contains different cuts of meat with a name and code. The code in particular helps to prevent miscommunication about the specific cuts of meat during contact with customers.

Van Drie goes a step further by offering the entire cuts book digitally with the latest technology. The innovative cuts book provides better insight into the range that Van Drie produces. In this way, they remain relevant to customers and add maximum value.

The 3D models that MetaChef has made for Van Drie are available on all possible platforms and can be used for Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is the projection of a digital application into reality. For Van Drie, this means that everyone can view and present the full range of meat digitally. This is a valuable application for presentations and sales conversations.

Augmented Reality differs from Virtual Reality (VR) in an important way. With VR the user is brought into a virtual space by means of glasses and with AR digital information is added to reality!

The Van Drie cuts book with the 3D models from MetaChef can be found here!

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