Unique virtual 3D greenhouse for training in Cultivation and Technology

The world of greenhouse horticulture completely in 3D

For the Cultivation & Technology course of Zone.college, 3D is the new way of teaching and recruiting students remotely for the course. This interactive way of teaching is fully in line with the (digital) young generation of today. The glasshouse horticulture can be viewed online by everyone.

Remote student recruiting

Door de pandemie blijkt het toch lastig studenten te werven wanneer open dagen en voorlichtingsavonden komen te vervallen. “Met een brochure via de mail kan ik het mooie vak niet overbrengen zoals ik dat zou doen tussen de bloemen in de kas”, aldus Bertus Boer, docent Teelt & Technologie. MetaChef heeft het mogelijk gemaakt om drie kassen volledig na te maken in 3D om de studenten een zo een goed mogelijk beeld te geven van hun toekomstige werkveld.

In the virtual greenhouse, you are guided through the greenhouse in an interactive way. This lets you discover what a grower does and you can control the greenhouse yourself, such as by changing the colour of the light and opening and closing the windows.

Endless use of 3D models

Just like his colleagues, in a short time Bertus Boer of Zone.college had to adapt completely to the new way of teaching: digitally and often from home. Much of the same traditional teaching material is currently used for this. In the short term, however, we can also reuse parts from the 3D greenhouses for giving interactive lessons at a distance. In addition, we are working – together with MetaChef – to get more teaching material digitally, 3D and interactive! View the virtual 3D greenhouse here.

Bron: zonecollege.nl