How Kips digitized its products using MetaChef

From traditional approach to new workflow

Until now, everything has been quite traditional at Zwanenberg. Their own photographer made packshots, a 2D design was made, they made dummies and digital images had to be produced for online and other communications. Since Zwanenberg got to know MetaChef, a few beautiful products have been realised. The new workflow made possible by MetaChef offers many innovative possibilities. It is a tool for efficient development and contemporary presentation. MetaChef combines food, packaging and design into 3D visualisations, which in the case of Kips have proved to be very valuable.

A digital future

Jo-Anne van der Laan (marketing manager of Zwanenberg) also finds MetaChef useful for sales presentations. Colleagues from trade marketing, for example, can now go to the category managers with a 3D presentation. It also becomes easier to make the translation to the factory; before a product is actually produced, the employees can already see what the end product should look like.

More efficient

For Van der Laan, MetaChef offers prospects for a more efficient working method. But she emphasises that Zwanenberg does not often make changes to the existing packaging. Many products come in cans or glass. 'That is sustainable packaging. When we package in plastic, we naturally try to work as sustainably as possible'. That is why we also look at mono-materials. Still, MetaChef can be useful, especially with so many different SKUs. It gives very cool visual possibilities that are far too complex for video or photography alone.

Bron: Kips